As a Product Owner, you are the one who knows better than anyone what product you are building, how it should be, the problem that it resolves. To succeed you need to develop products that stand out and that have a clear vision. You must inspire and share positive energy when you speak about your product and share what you envision for your product with as many people as possible.

Be lean. The main principle of Lean is to minimize waste. How do you actually can do that using Agile?

You add all the information and description to the user stories for 2–3 sprints ahead instead of the entire year. You might create high-level user stories for up to 2–3 months (4–6 iterations), but you shouldn’t invest your time in providing all the information to them.

You prepare the description of the features (significant functionality of a system) for the future program increment (maximum six months ahead). You’ll have a vision and clarity for what features you’ll develop in a year.

You write the epics (the highest level of requirements, usually a group of functionalities) with a year ahead only.

By Anca Onuta